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Kitten Lamb in Jelly

Kitten Food

Felicia® Grain-free, 85 g, Lamb Wet Cat Food for Kittens is specifically formulated by veterinarians and nutritionists. Enjoy the unique consumption experience owing to the Taurine support and its special formula that does not contain GMO, soy and grain.


Felicia® Fresh Food Contains Real Meat in Great Portions

Felicia® wet food contains a high amount of real meat, stock and additional taurine. It does not contain soy, grain and GMO


Meat and meat products (at least 90% meat and meat products), 4% lamb, vegetables (at least 4% carrots), minerals, fat (salmon fat), various sugars.

Analitik Ingredients

Crude Protein: 7%
Crude Fat: 1%
Crude Ash: 3%
Raw Cellulose (Fibre): 1%
Moisture: 84%

Energy Value (per 100 g)
348,1 kj / 83,2 kcal

Vitamin, Mineral and
Other Additional Ingredients

Taurine: 400 mg/kg
Zinc (Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate): 2,23 mg/kg
Manganese (Manganese Oxide) (E5): 1,26 mg/kg
Vitamin D3: 320 IU
Vitamin B1: 0,6 mg/kg
Folic Acid: 0,15 mg/kg
Calcium: 0,3%
Phosphorus: 0,25%

Dietary Advice

Recommended daily intake is given in the nutrition table. It should be increased gradually and mixed with daily meals in the course of at least 5 days. Recommended intake may vary by breed, age and season. Always keep fresh and clean water next to the food container.

Daily Recommended Intake

Cat Age Daily Intake
<10 Weeks 3 Packs
10 – 20 Weeks 3 – 6 Packs
20 – 30 Weeks 4 Packs
30 – 40 Weeks 5 Packs
12 Months 3 – 4 Packs

The quantities in the table are the recommended approximate values.

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