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Felicia® Blog: Important information for your little friends

Do Cats and Dogs Need Fresh Food?

Hello, we knew in previous years that feeding with wet food is harmful for our lovely friends. As a result of developing technology and scientific research, it has been proven that this idea is not true. Cats are more selective about the foods they eat than dogs. Because cats are naturally carnivores, they usually require a diet high in animal protein. Since ...Devamını Oku >

Taurine Deficiency in Cats

Hello, normally carnivorous cats do not experience such a deficiency as their natural meat and fish diet contains high amounts of taurine. However, the plant kingdom is essentially devoid of taurine and is low in sulfur amino acids. Thus, the problem arises when commercial diets are formulated with seeds and grains. This is a major problem, especially in cats fed grain-based cat ...Devamını Oku >

Why Low Grain and Hypoallergenic Food?

Hello, what do the terms low grain and hypoallergenic mean? Do you know? First of all, when we say low grain, we should understand that it is the closest nutrition option to nature, specially developed for our lovely friends. It contains a low grain rate and a higher protein source. When it comes to the term hypoallergenic, we mean specially developed formulas ...Devamını Oku >

Feeding Kittens

Hello, how should our kittens and their mothers be fed during and after the birth? Do you know? There are many moments in our lives when we form emotional bonds with our lovely friends. Sometimes we meet with a new member or a newborn individual joining our house, sometimes with a mother or mother-to-be giving birth to her cubs, and sometimes with ...Devamını Oku >

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