Feeding Kittens

Hello, how should our kittens and their mothers be fed during and after the birth? Do you know?

There are many moments in our lives when we form emotional bonds with our lovely friends. Sometimes we meet with a new member or a newborn individual joining our house, sometimes with a mother or mother-to-be giving birth to her cubs, and sometimes with a cute friend who has just come out of the operation. At such times, their feeding becomes even more sensitive! With Felicia® Kitten & Mother, we offer our lovely friends with a special formulation to support them in just such life stages. This formula, which contains the most basic building blocks of nutrition, has been specially developed to support their health and happy development. It is a product with a high protein content, containing DHA for brain and vision development, supporting the formation of strong and healthy muscle structure, and helping the digestive system thanks to the probiotics it contains. In addition, it is a product that contains the basic nutrients in breast milk and raises the life standards of our lovely friends by providing strong immune support. Felicia® Kitten & Mother is a product that is friendly to the digestive system and skin of our lovely friends, as it is low-grain and hypoallergenic.

Newborns, which I am talking about newborns here, are newborn cats that have received or not adequately breastmilk, or it is a product that has all the nutritional values, vitamins and minerals necessary for the healthy growth of our lovely friends who have just joined our family. Our kittens will start to eat dry food with the gradual development of the digestive system, approximately 3-4 weeks after birth, after receiving adequate amount of breast milk. In this process, this product will both facilitate the transition to dry food and ensure that they receive the vitamins and minerals necessary for their growth and development due to its rich content. From the first weeks they start to feed with this product, visible differences and changes in their development stand out. It provides a healthy musculoskeletal structure, strong immunity, aids the digestive system thanks to the probiotics in its content, and improves brain and vision functions. In addition to this food, I recommend our lovely friends, who are separated from their mothers at an early age after birth, to use Beavis® Growth Care cat follow-up milk to supplement their development.

So, should we use this product only for the feeding of kittens?

No, of course. It is also beneficial to use this food for our lovely friends who are pregnant or have just given birth. Because it is a high protein, vitamin and mineral source, it has a beneficial content both for their own health and for the health of their offspring. In order to keep the development of the offspring at the highest level during pregnancy, it is important to make good vitamin and mineral supplements, and to feed our lovely friend with high and quality raw materials.

In addition, it is very important for our cute friends who have come out of the operation to be fed during their recovery period in order to heal them safely and healthily. Due to the high protein, vitamin and mineral source content of this product, both their bodies will regain their former state in a short time and the healing of existing wounds will be provided more easily with a good diet.

While we are preparing our Felicia® Kitten & Mother product, we aim to do the best for our lovely friends by considering their health and development.

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