Do Cats and Dogs Need Fresh Food?

Hello, we knew in previous years that feeding with wet food is harmful for our lovely friends. As a result of developing technology and scientific research, it has been proven that this idea is not true.

Cats are more selective about the foods they eat than dogs. Because cats are naturally carnivores, they usually require a diet high in animal protein. Since nutrition is shaped according to the climate, protein needs are shaped accordingly. In addition to feeding our cute friends with dry food, it is necessary to feed them with wet food to prevent dehydration. Since wet foods contain real meat, they contain higher protein than dry foods.

Did you know that many of our lovely friends are chronically dehydrated?

In the wild, cats in particular get most of their necessary moisture content through hunting. Since cats living in the house cannot hunt, they meet their water needs with fresh and clean water served with either wet food or dry food from outside. On average, 75 percent of wet food is water, while only 10 percent of dry food is water. Moisture content of wet food is closer to the natural prey diet of our pet friends.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Wet Foods?

Wet kibbles have distinct advantages over dry kibbles. These; benefits such as high protein content, protection of digestive and urinary system health, weight management and constipation prevention. As a disadvantage, because of the soft texture of wet food, it does not provide any resistance to the teeth. Therefore, only wet-fed cats often develop mouth, tooth and gum disorders. Bad breath can also occur when the digestive system health deteriorates. While dry foods can be kept in their containers during the day, wet foods should be kept for a short time so that they do not deteriorate.

Fresh food is not only highly digestible. It also contains vitamins and minerals necessary for our lovely friend. Many wet foods contain substances such as artificial coloring, additives, salt and preservatives. The fact that these substances are in the wet food does not mean that the food is a healthy cat food. While producing our Canned and Pouch cat foods, Felicia® prepares wet foods with artificial coloring, additives, salt and preservatives, GMO and soy, grain-free and extra taurine added, using real meat, broth, vitamins and minerals, taking these criteria into consideration.

The wet food of our lovely friends should be eaten after waiting for a few hours at room temperature. It will be good if we remove the uneaten food. In this way, we reduce the risk of any food contamination. In order to prevent excessive or incomplete feeding with wet foods, we need to divide them into portions. In this way, we can prevent situations that can lead to overeating and obesity.

In order to keep wet foods fresh and intact, we need to store the remaining parts in the refrigerator according to the storage conditions specified on the labels of the products. Ensure that they consume such foods fresh without freezing them. Keep the remaining wet foods of our lovely friends in refrigerator bags, not plastic containers. The plastics of the food containers in which we store the food of our cute friends should not contain BPA. Plastic can give food a bad taste, especially for their sensitive palates. In addition, studies have shown that BPA can cause hyperthyroidism in cats.

How Can We Accustom Our Cute Friends to Fresh Food?

If our friends are not used to wet food, either mix them with dry food gradually, or start feeding them with wet food similar to normal dry food. Make sure that the food containers in which we serve wet food are clean. In addition, it will be healthier to choose a material other than plastic for the food containers.

Why Is It Necessary to Give Fresh Food When Our Cute Friends Are Sick?

It is necessary to feed this process with wet food when our cute friends get sick or have a digestive system ailment. It is the best way to restore the fluid lost during their illness and feed them without tiring their digestion. It restores fluid losses lost due to diarrhea or vomiting much faster than dry food. The variety of products in wet food is more than in dry food. So it helps our friend to consider allergies and other health issues as well.

The high water content in wet foods also provides our lovable friends with a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time and reduces their tendency to crave or overeat. Therefore, it helps to lose weight and maintain their form.

If Your Cat Refuses to Eat Wet Food…

What should we do if he gives your cat a mixture of wet and dry food, but does not touch anything other than kibble? Before giving up wet foods completely, try these:

• Leave the wet food until it reaches its temperature.

• To entice your cat to give it a try, put a smudge on the food.


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